Tech Day 2013: Limited Slip Differential Swap

05.05.13- Tech Day (LSD Workshop) from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

This past weekend, the ladies of Drifting Pretty had their first tech day of the year! This episode involved installing a viscous LSD onto a 1993 Nissan 240sx coupe. The amazing owners of Temple City Auto Repair, Henry & John, were the ladies’ guide on removing the open differential and installing the LSD. However, before getting their hands dirty, Drifting Pretty’s instructor, Marc, educated the ladies with a couple of videos that explained what a differential is and it’s purpose and why having a limited slip differential is needed when doing motorsports.

The ladies were split into two groups: the removal team & the installation team. While the removal team was removing the stock differential, the installation team was going through a car anatomy from the Drift Queen herself, Nadine. It’s definitely a whole different world looking at a car from underneath! Once the removal team successfully removed the differential, it was time to switch and install the new VLSD. The entire process was a little under 4 hours. Afterwards, one of Drifting Pretty’s instructors, Benson, took it for a quick spin to test out the ladies’ hard work. He approved!

The ladies definitely learned a lot and will now be able to apply it to their own cars. Once again, huge thank you and shoutout to Henry & John of Temple City Auto Repair! Stay tuned for the next Drifting Pretty events– it’s going to be a busy June!

Building the Circle of Giving: Drifting Pretty’s 10th Year

02.02.13- Drifting Pretty Kickoff Meeting from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

This 2013, Drifting Pretty is now in its 10th year and the calendar looks to be the biggest one yet. Hosted at the Spirit House in Monterey Park, the Kickoff Meeting serves as a starting point for the year’s goals as well as a warm welcome to any ladies seeking to learn more about the DP Foundation.

Check out the meeting highlights:

  • Ariana, mother of two and student of auto body coursework, dropped by for the first time with her FD RX7, a car that she is working on to complete and improve. We are eager to help her along her path and watch her grow– hopefully to become a prospective member and ultimately official!
  • After years of hard work, Drifting Pretty’s official non-profit status draws close to finalization with the filing of the 501(c)3 application expected this coming April. Instructor and videographer Marc Mondoy said it best, “That’s the next stage and I’m really looking forward to that.” The benefits of non-profit status enable the organization to achieve new heights previously unthinkable ten years ago.
  • This leads to one of our biggest and newest events of the year: Drifting Pretty University, also known as DPU: Ladies Learn Cars. With DPU:LLC, Drifting Pretty aims to take its members’ pool of automotive knowledge and teach other women about what is important about caring for your car, a key set of knowledge that many have yet to be enlightened on. “We’ve always thought about what we do for each other,” described Benson Hsu, “DPU allows us to do that for the community.” Official dates for the course have not yet been set in stone but the course is expected to take place some time this October. Stay on the lookout for the official announcement!
  • Already booked for June 30, 2013 at Willow Springs is the Dori Puri Drift Clinic and as another first time ever this year, we are proud to announce an all women’s drift competition to be held at the event. Men are welcome to attend the clinic portion only. Come out and drive or spectate to support these ladies as they tear up the rubber! Details and registration coming soon.
  • On to its fourth year is the Drifting Pretty Karting Series hosted at K1 Speed. The ladies earn points for their achievements in this four-event series with the final grand prix in November. A surprise Formula D guest is expected to visit during one of these races…
  • Drifting Pretty will continue participation in the SCCA Ladies’ Autocross School over the Thanksgiving season. For the past few years, Drifting Pretty is proudly one of the top contributors of women enrolling in this intensive school where any woman, from beginner to well-seasoned driver, is able to take the reigns through the cone-filled course.

“There’s no better place to learn,” mentioned Community Outreach and Core Member, Liz Medina. The key theme of the year is Building the Circle of Giving– with this, Liz reminded all members of Drifting Pretty that the foundation is a balance between a structured program and “girls who like to just kick it together.” We look forward to the goals of the year and expect nothing less than going above and beyond!