• Drifting Pretty founded on December 28th.
  • Nadine Toyoda & Yoshie Shuyama banded together to host the first meeting of Drifting Pretty.
  • 14 members attended that day and changed the face of drifting.


  • Drifting Pretty set out onto the tracks and members were welcomed with open arms from event organizers including Speedtrial USA and Drift Association.
  • Major aftermarket brands such as Kaaz USA, Yokohama Tire Company and Pacific Rim welcomed the ladies onto the track by becoming official supporters of Drifting Pretty.
  • Import Racer Magazine does a feature on the Drifting Pretty and acquaints the automotive industry with the all-girl drift club.
  • DP has their first ever tech day, hosted by Autolink in Temple City, CA. The girls are taught how to use power tools and install a clutch.
  • The LA Weekly features Drifting Pretty.
  • Some members were taken on tour with Yokohama to Hot Import nights in Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA and San Mateo, CA.
  • Drifting Pretty hosts USA’s first ever all woman drifting competition, “The Dori Puri Challenge” at Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, CA.
  • Team Drifting Pretty, our first competition drifting team is formed and compete in drifting competitions together. Yokohama tires becomes title sponsor for Team Drifting Pretty.


  • Team DP makes their first top 16 finish in a drifting competition.
  • Team DP makes it to “Advanced” status at Drift Day.
  • Team Drifting Pretty competes at Formula Drift, America’s first professional drifting series. They compete in Sonoma, CA at the Infineon Raceway and in Chicago, IL at Soldier Field.
  • DP’s founder Nadine Toyoda is the first woman drifter to drift in a drifting exhibition at the SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Drifting exhibitions at SEMA only happened in 2005 and 2006.
  • Team Drifting Pretty are exclusively featured on Import Racers on ESPN2


  • DP celebrates their 3rd year in action.
  • A northern California chapter is founded. Dedicated NorCal members drive down to SoCal drift events and DP meetings on a monthly basis.
  • Team DP sign autographs and take pictures with fans at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix
  • Team DP make the cover page of Japanese American magazine Rafu Shimpo’s Christmas Issue