05.05.13- Tech Day (LSD Workshop) from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

This past weekend, the ladies of Drifting Pretty had their first tech day of the year! This episode involved installing a viscous LSD onto a 1993 Nissan 240sx coupe. The amazing owners of Temple City Auto Repair, Henry & John, were the ladies’ guide on removing the open differential and installing the LSD. However, before getting their hands dirty, Drifting Pretty’s instructor, Marc, educated the ladies with a couple of videos that explained what a differential is and it’s purpose and why having a limited slip differential is needed when doing motorsports.

The ladies were split into two groups: the removal team & the installation team. While the removal team was removing the stock differential, the installation team was going through a car anatomy from the Drift Queen herself, Nadine. It’s definitely a whole different world looking at a car from underneath! Once the removal team successfully removed the differential, it was time to switch and install the new VLSD. The entire process was a little under 4 hours. Afterwards, one of Drifting Pretty’s instructors, Benson, took it for a quick spin to test out the ladies’ hard work. He approved!

The ladies definitely learned a lot and will now be able to apply it to their own cars. Once again, huge thank you and shoutout to Henry & John of Temple City Auto Repair! Stay tuned for the next Drifting Pretty events– it’s going to be a busy June!