On Saturday, October 6, we did our 3rd installment of the DP Karting Series at K1 Speed, Torrance.  We continued to battle out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for this year’s DP Karting Series.

1st place was our time attack queen, Sarah Bantay! Coming in 2nd was one of our newest members, Liz Gonzalez.  Right behind Liz was our North Cal Chapter member, Rochelle Desamito.

In this series, we also had a new prospective member, Nicole Wong, who joined us from San Francisco, CA with her guest and potential prospective member, Jessica Yu.  For both of them, it was their first time go-karting and they loved it!

Results – DP Karting Series Part III

Series Rank Driver Time Gap
1 Sarah Bantay 27.571  —
2 Elizabeth Gonzalez 28.855s 1.284
3 Rochelle Desamito 29.147s 1.576
4 Saidy Noya* 29.194s 1.623
5 Linda Nguyen 29.240s 1.669
6 Jessica Wen 29.537s 1.966
7 Elizabeth Medina 29.600s 2.029
8 Rena Tran 29.922s 2.351
9 Jessica Yu** 33.915s 6.344
10 Nicole Wong* 40.890s 13.319

*=prospective member

Following this, we previewed this year’s banquet venue, the Spirit House Bar, in Monterey Park, CA, where we enjoyed tasty appetizers, drinks, and desserts.