This Sunday, at K1 Speed Torrance, we will be holding the finals for the 3rd Annual Drifting Pretty Karting Series. 

Over the course of the year, the ladies of Drifting Pretty have competed amongst each other at various karting facilities.  Each race awarding the top 4 finishers with points.

Now its come down to the final two races.  Who will be crowned the 2011 Champion?  Here is the current top 4:

Sarah Bantay – 16 points

2 Debbie Meda – 8 points

3 Julie Van – 4 points

3 Linda Nguyen – 3 points
During the final round, drivers will be awarded their “bonuses” which are based on consistency & participation throughout the season.  This will completely change the game.

Best of luck to the ladies.  The champion will be crowned at the 8th Annual Drifting Pretty Banquet on December 3rd.