First off, we’d like to give a big thank to Formula D driver, Jeff Abbott, for visiting us at K1 Torrance this past weekend! In his Q & A session, Drifting Pretty members had the opportunity to find out from Jeff himself what it’s like to balance a full time job, a family, and his passion that is drifting. He went on to describe his initial drifting experiences with his nearly stock NA Miata and the wild stories of emergency repairs in the middle of nowhere and long treks cross-country. Again, we thank Jeff for coming by and sharing so much and we wish him well in his upcoming ventures!

03.16.13- K1 Karting and Workshop with Jeff Abbott from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

Back to our first round of the 2013 Drifting Pretty Karting Series. It was some pretty epic battling– especially since a number of ladies got to pull a few passes on Mr. Abbott. Round 2 takes place in June! With the ladies improving continuously, who knows who will come out on top?

Results – 2013 DP Karting Series Part I

Series Rank Driver Time Gap
1 Linda Nguyen 29.245
2 Saidy Noya 29.517s 0.272
3 Julie Van 29.757s 0.512
4 Rena Tran 29.865s 0.620
5 Liz Gonzalez 30.710s 1.465
6 Ro Shepard* 31.430s 2.185
7 Pauline Pau 31.772s 2.527
8 Ariana Ordiano* 36.223s 6.978

*=prospective member