Our friends at Narita Dog Fight have started a podcast called NDF Exchange.  Narita Dog Fight constantly brings us great content through his photos and storytelling of his travels abroad and his experiences at local events.  The NDF Exchange podcast gives us insight on the human aspect on our car industry by delving into the personalities of key people in the automotive scene.

In the latest podcast, titled NDF Exchange: Hey Yuta! Q&A, Narita Dog Fight and Yuta Akaishi gave Drifting Pretty a mention along with some much appreciated compliments.  To listen to their latest podcast, follow this link: http://thenaritadogfight.com/2015/06/24/ndf-exchange-hey-yuta-qa-cast-june-22-2015/

Thank you Narita Dog Fight for your support over the years!  We appreciate the hard work that you do!