It’s the start of the new year and we are happy to announce our upcoming kick-off meeting!

Ever wondered how to fix your car? Do you want to learn how to go sideways? What about seeking the right line for the upcoming corner? Cars and racing can often be intimidating but we want you all to know that the community– and not only Drifting Pretty– is far more welcoming than you could imagine. Our members can attest to that, so if you have answered yes to any of these questions, please don’t hesitate to come and attend the 2012 Drifting Pretty Kick-Off!

At the beginning of each year, Drifting Pretty members and prospectives gather to preview upcoming events for the entire year. Both expectations and personal goals are set at this time.

Visit our application page and send us your application– details of the when and where will be made available to you afterwards. We hope to see you there!