01.24.15- Drifting Pretty Kickoff Meeting from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

Every January of the new year means one thing for Drifting Pretty: another year of driving! In late January, Drifting Pretty got together for the 12th annual kick of meeting. The ladies were able to get together to catch up, talk about how the previous year went, as wells as meet new potential members.

2015 is set to be a year of excitement and more driving. President & co-founder, Nadine Hsu, discussed the success of the two new driving events that were added for 2014: Calspeed Karting & the combination of the time attack/road racing that was infused with the annual Dori Puri drift clinic. This year, there is an additional new driving event which is Team Competition Day. The 1st Annual Team Competition Day will take place at K1 Speed where the ladies will be able to get into teams and work together to take down their opponents on the go-kart course in a friendly competition!

Lots of ladies come and go with Drifting Pretty over the years but every time a new face emerges, the ladies of Drifting Pretty are always welcoming with open arms. Along with the current members of Drifting Pretty, new potential member Chandler was in attendance. The ladies of Drifting Pretty are always all very eager to help potential ladies along their path and help them grow. Chandler is an energetic and amazing individual that share the same passion and want to help Drifting Pretty with their one ultimate mission: to break down the barriers of female involvement in motorsports.

2015 will be another year to add to under the Drifting Pretty belt for the year of driving. We are very excited to see what’s in store this yer and as always, hope to make every year better than the last. Stay tuned for more future updates about Drifting Pretty!