03.28.15- Engine and Tuning Workshop at SP Engineering from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

In a recent visit to SP Engineering, the Drifting Pretty ladies got a taste of tuning and the importance it has for getting the car dialed in for the track. Yuta and Kristian welcomed us with open arms on Saturday, March 28 and had a whole presentation ready just for us!

Though some of our members were already somewhat familiar with the engine combustion cycle, it was important to go over the nuances of its 4 stages and how that relates to tuning. Yuta explained the basics of 4 bangers, the difference between inline, flat and V configurations, and the uniqueness of the rotary engine. Kristian then went on to explain the necessity of tuning and began with an introduction on doing it on the basis MAF (mass air flow) and MAP (manifold absolute pressure). The aftermarket offers a variety of ECU management and popular models were reviewed as well. As if this wasn’t already enough information, we learned why tuning takes so much time and all of the dedication involved in the art form.

Top it off with a final dyno with a certain Godzilla car, the day went really well. After only one dyno however, the car decided to have electrical problems—the joke is this second group of ladies who were supposed to get on the dyno were all Mazda drivers (2 of which are proud rotary owners) and the Nissan didn’t take kindly.

Needless to say, it was a fun and awesome day at SP Engineering. We would like to thank Yuta and Kristian for their time and hospitality and hope to have another one just the same again! Now it’s time to figure out what ECU we all want to buy!

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