We here at Drifting Pretty hold a high standard.  We believe in keeping our class size small and limit membership to ladies that are truly driven to learn how to race and become mentors & class leaders.

We’re proud to announce our newest Provisional Member in the Northern California Division:
Nicole W.

Nicole has completed the application process and now will be provisional from 09/09/12 to 01/31/13. Upon completing her membership requirements by 01/31/13, she will then be an Official Member.

We’re also proud to announce our four newest Official Members:
Liz G. (Southern California Division)
Pauline P. (Southern California Division)
Elene U. (Southern California Division)
Johanna M. (Northern California Division)

These four ladies have survived our intense provisional member period from 02/19/12 to 06/30/12, and have earned their official membership status.  Congratulations, ladies!   We’re so happy to have you.  Welcome to the Drifting Pretty family.