03.15.14- Tour at HJC Helmets from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

A couple of weekends ago, the ladies of Drifting Pretty had the amazing opportunity to visit the warehouse and office of two companies & supporters; HJC Helmets & HPS Silicone Hoses.

At HJC Helmets, Kyle, Romel, and Robert graciously hosted an HJC presentation about their company and products. The ladies were able to learn how HJC designed & manufactured their helmets, as well as the dynamics and key ingredients behind the helmets for both motorcycle helmets & motorsports helmets. Safety is a huge factor and priority when it comes to any type of sport, so with motorsports, the helmet plays one of the crucial parts to motorsport safety. And yes, there is definitely a difference when it comes to a motorcycle helmet and an auto helmet! Listed is a snippet of what the ladies learned:

  • HJC was founded in 1971 and specialized in motorcycle helmets.
  • In 1992, HJC was named the #1 brand in North America for motorcycles.
  • In 2004, HJC wanted to expand their helmet line-up and started to design & create motorsport helmets.
  • As of today, HJC’s consumers are 99% motorcycles & 1% motorsports.
  • HJC offers 4 types of helmets: full-face, open-face (3/4, 1/2), modular/flip-up, & off-road.
  • If you’d like to learn more or purchase a helmet, please visit www.hjchelmets.com & www.hjc-motorsports.com.

03.15.14- Tour at HPS from Drifting Pretty on Vimeo.

After the visit to HJC Helmets, the ladies were on their way to the HPS office. The team at HPS hosted a free lunch for Drifting Pretty before Hung, Kenny, and Francisco gave a presentation on HPS Silicone Hoses. The ladies were able to learn about silicone hoses and the benefits of having silicone hoses versus the stock hoses already on a car. After the presentation, the ladies were able to visit the HPS garage workspace where they saw how the hoses were designed and even saw an old competition Honda CRX that HPS used to drive. Listed is a snippet of what the ladies learned:

  • HPS Silicone Hoses currently serves the aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, high performance racing vehicles, commercial truck and bus, agricultural and off highway vehicles, turbo diesel, off-road, truck, food & beverage, general manufacturing industries, and water treatment industries.
  • HPS Silicone Hoses features a 4-ply reinforced high temperature material, which meet or exceed SAEJ20 Standard.
  • HPS silicone hoses are available in both standard inches & hard-to-find metric sizes.
  • If you’d like to learn more or purchase a kit, please visit www.hps-siliconehoses.com.

Drifting Pretty would like to thank both HJC Helmets & HPS Silicone Hoses for the amazing experience and wonderful opportunity given to get behind the scenes of products that we own as well as being a supporter of Drifting Pretty! Stay tuned for the next adventure of Drifting Pretty.