Racing taught me that in life, you can achieve just about anything if you truly WANT IT..

I WANTED to share each and every one of the Drifting Pretty members’ inspiring stories. So today we’re introducing:The Drifting Pretty Podcast..

Every member of ours has a story that inspires me and I know it will inspire you too..

In this 10 episode season, you’ll learn how our members have grown from just a gal who could race a car to a Captain in the Air Force, a dentist, a championship Jiu-Jitsu fighter, software engineer, electrical engineer, entrepreneur, race event manager, photographer, single mom, BRN, married mom of 4…and these are just their occupations. We talk about abuse and how we’ve escaped it and never looked back and more …I mean, you get it. Our members are all badasses and finally, their stories are being told..

We’re premiering a special 2 episode drop Thursday, July 16th. Link in bio to our Podcast page!.

Much love and thank YOU for supporting Drifting Pretty for the past 17 years!🏆