For the past 14 years, it’s been just us…teaching & benefitting within our organization.  We’ve worked on each other’s cars, went karting, drifting & racing together, went on field trips to automotive tuners, shops & factories…our organization has done a lot of stereotype shattering activities.  Its been a year in the making, but finally, we’ve set into motion a new chapter for Drifting Pretty.  We want to empower women to beat the stereotypes like we have and push the envelope.  Get into the driver’s seat or start that business you’ve always wanted to or simply make a change in your life you’ve been too scared to make.  Whatever inner demons or limitations you “have”…we want to share with you how we’ve kicked them in the butt to do more amazing things in life.


We’re excited to announce that on Saturday, April 21, 2018, we will host our first ladies networking luncheon called “The Driven Woman.”  Its for women, run by women…and its just lunch.  No committments, no sales pitch, just a group of empowerment hungry ladies getting together to make friends, listening to inspiring speeches and enjoying a friendly round of go-karting after.


At this luncheon, in addition to meeting new friends & lunching, attendees will hear a speech by Liz Medina, one of our long time members, racer, nurse & Champion Jiu Jitsu fighter, followed by an intimate talk by our founder, Nadine Sachiko Hsu, one of the USA’s first woman drift drivers, mom of 4  and multipassionate entrepreneur.


We hope this mix of fun will empower some positive change in more lives…and on a fun side note, in the spirit of automotive related empowerment…each attendee goes home with a fancy “what every woman should have in her car in case of emergency” kit .  




You can learn more about our exciting event at our Event Brite page.  We’d like to thank Koyo Radiator & K1 Speed for being our event sponsors.












We hope to do more of these events in the future.  If you’d like to be a part of our next event either by attending or sponsoring, please email Nadine at Drifting Pretty dot com.  Thank you for your support!