Drifting Pretty held it’s 12 annual Kick-Off meeting at K1 Speed in Ontario, California.  It was nice to see the warm smiles from our members since we last convened several months ago for last year’s private end of year banquet.


We started the meeting with surprise gifts for President Nadine Hsu as she is expecting her 4th daughter very soon.  After some time spent eating and catching up, we discussed changes for the new year, plans and goals and the new events schedule for 2016.


The meeting finished with an all woman (and male instructor) battle out at the kart track.  One of our longest standing members Julie Van ended the race in 1st place, followed by Linda Nguyen in 2nd, and instructor Masashi Motonaga in 3rd place.  We had the pleasure of having other racers join in our group, which provided a nice reminder of how far our members have come since their first time at the kart track.