Last year, DP held a Q&A with Dai Yoshihara, a sponsor-backed Formula D champion who shared both his expertise on how to set up a basic drift car as well as his experience moving from Japan to the US to drift professionally. This year, with girls hoping to break into professional racing starting from the very bottom rung of the ladder, we’ll be kicking off our karting series on March 16th with a Q&A session with privateer Formula D driver, Jeff Abbott.

Jeff began his drifting career in Southern California by attending various drift events with grassroots organizations like 626 Drift, and Just Drift—the same type of events run by the same grassroots organizations at which many of our DP members began or are currently beginning their own drifting experiences. As a privateer in Formula D, Jeff operates his own campaign in Formula D with no major sponsorship or backing, works with a skeleton race crew, drives his own car, works on his own car, and figures out all logistics from marketing to transportation for every event he competes in. Jeff will be able to provide DP with advice and knowledge from every aspect of professional drifting, and we look forward to meeting him soon!

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